Peace Consciousness Circle | Live Event to Experience & Share Peace

Live Event: Community Circle to Share Peace

Next Circle: June 9th, 2024, 2:00pm PT

If you desire more peace in your life and your relationships, we welcome you to join us for a peace circle, where we take a conscious pause to remember peace. We'll share with each other and then offer the peace we've created in service to places and/or people you recommend.

Give Peace. Receive Peace. Experience Peace. Share Peace.

Next Circle: Sunday, June 9th at 2:00pm PT


A Live 15 Minute Experience of Peace


Let’s talk about peace.

What is peace? Peace is the cause. Peace is the effect.

What is peace? Peace is a consciousness; Peace is a frequency.

What is peace? Freedom from conflict. To not walk through life in conflict with oneself.

What is peace? A contentment, where joy arises from. Where true joy and true peace come from.

What is peace? Where you know yourself at the deepest level.

What is peace? When you love yourself and you accept yourself.

What is peace? An alignment, a freedom, a confidence, a knowing, a feeling. 


We'll join together in a circle live in a virtual event sharing peace with each other.  Join us!

The Power of Peace

There is a place of liberation within us that we can all access. To find this place we have to be willing to look for it. 

How do we know what we are we looking for?

How do we know when we find it?

In stillness we find our true self.

In the peace that surpasses understanding we find our true Self.

In our true Self we find Each Other. 

When we are at peace, life flows more easily. Decisions are made effortlessly and life moves into alignment. Alignment with ourselves and those around us.

Without peace, we find the little things hard to deal with. We are easily thrown off our purpose and our intentions. Arguing and finding what’s wrong in the world is easier than noticing the beauty.

Peace brings us into our heart. 

Peace is a feeling and to experience the feeling, you discover being in your heart and not your head. Peace is state of being that allows each individual to more fully be themselves. In peace, there is acceptance of the uniqueness of one’s self.  

Say Hello to Your Hosts

Individually we are community healers, teachers, parents, authors, and entrepreneurs. Together we are excited to amplify the energy of peace in all areas of life as we come together in community.

From The Community

“My heart felt so expanded and I was aware of an energy that seemed to flow through me. I'm grateful for the experience and I look forward to joining the next circle.” 

“I really enjoyed the aspect of community knowing that we were sharing peace with each other. I felt so calm afterwards.  Thank you.”

What if you learned how to be the cause of peace in your own life?

To move forward and move on from the past takes an incredible amount of courage.

It takes so much courage to paint a reality that brings people together.

Peace is our anchor in this level of courage.

The courage to grow, even when we see others destroy.
The courage to keep our heart open, even when the space around us feels cold and piercing.
The courage to rise to greater heights, even when we see others cutting each other down.
It is easy to do something once or twice or even a few times. It is also easy to give up.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Peace is the anchor that gives us courage to keep going.

Peace is our anchor in constance.

Peace is the cause; Peace is the effect.

Welcome to our peace consciousness circle. 
Here we look to the consciousness of peace to find our self, our Self, and Each Other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have we called it the peace consciousness circle?

There is an energy to peace, a consciousness. Consciousness and awareness go hand in hadn’t and when we bring peace forth, there is a consciousness that arises. When we live and breathe and walk through life with a consciousness of peace, we interact with the world differently. We interact with ourselves differently. When we discover peace within ourselves, we realize that the world is already a peaceful place. Are we willing to find peace within?

What will someone experience?

Peace is an energy and yet how one experiences peace is unique to each individual. Each individual has their own energy, their one frequency and how peace looks to one is unique and perfect for that individual.

How long will the circle be?

Our intention is that the group meets for 15 minutes. The first 5 minutes will be an introduction and description of how the process will work along with setting of our intentions for peace. Then we will sit for 10 minutes sharing peace with each other. 

The hosts will stay on another 15 minutes for those that desire to share and simply connect in community.

Who can join?

Anyone who desires to experience more peace in their lives is welcome to join. A desire is all that is required. No other knowledge or experience is needed.

Will there be a recording?

This is a live community event where we gather together.  The event is not recorded so there is no reply available.

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Can't Make the Time?

We'll keep you up to date on future circles and events.  Thanks for stopping by!


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